My neighborhood II

By: Rosina Peixoto

Mar 20 2012

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Category: Architecture, Photography, Photos

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The quarter where I live is called “Pocitos”. Pocito is the diminutive of pozo which means hole. 

At the beginning of the XIX century, women who served rich families dug holes near a stream (that has now disappeared) and washed the clothes there.

It was the east of the city of Montevideo and it was a kind of village. As the city grew, Pocitos became a neighborhood, particularly a recreation point for those who lived farther and preferred to have a house for the summer.

It has a beautiful riverfront with a nice crescent-shaped beach. In the early days men and women did not bathe together for morality reasons, there were separate bathing zones on Pocitos Beach. Both men and women wore long woolen swimsuits.


Pics taken from the seventh floor.

You can read more about Montevideo if you click here:


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